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Why Is Harindra Logistics The Best Partner

Looking for Expeditions for Export Import? Harindra Group is the solution!

Still confused about how to export or import goods? Harindra Group is a expedited shipping solution for your goods abroad.

Shipping expeditions Harindra Group serves both export and import and has been trusted by many large companies for domestic and international shipments. Harindra Group has a large number of fleets, ranging from Cargo Trucks to Containers of various sizes ready to be shipped abroad for export and import shipping expeditions.

No more difficulties to export or import using shipping expedition Harindra Group. Apart from having a large number of private shipping fleets, shipping expeditions Harindra Group has a warehouse with a 24-hour security system, storage areas with controlled temperature, not damp, or packing and repacking. So you don't have to worry anymore about the shipment being damaged or lost during the shipping process.

Harindra Group has been trusted for shipping expeditions domestically to overseas. You can entrust both export and import to Harindra Group. Ranging from Cargo Trucks to Containers are provided in large quantities to serve your expedited shipping needs.

Harindra Group has offices expeditionary shipping and warehouses in the cities of Surabaya, Jakarta, Jepara, Semarang, and Makassar. For more information, please contact Customer Service expedited shipping Harindra Group here.

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